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In Loving Memory - Pet Memorials

Our pets are an important part of our lives and families. They provide acceptance, companionship, and unconditional love during their time with us. When they pass away it is difficult, but we are blessed to always carry their memories with us. Timbercrest Veterinary Service has reserved this space on the website for you to share photos and memories of your four-legged friends.


If you are interested, please send us a photo and/or loving message in memory of your beloved pet in one of the following ways:

  • Email us at memorials@timbercrestvet.com. Send the photo as an attachment.
  • Drop off your information to the clinic.
  • Mail the information to:
    • In Loving Memory 
    • c/o Timbercrest Veterinary Service
    • 2021 2400th Street
    • Atlanta, IL  61727


We will post your memorial for one year, or shorter if you request that we remove it.


Due to website space availability, please limit your message to one page or less. If you have any questions about a memorial for your pet always feel free to call us at (217) 648-5800.



"We didn't have Pepper as a puppy, but got him when he was around 6 years old.  He became a part of the family right off the bat.  He spent most of his summers riding with my husband and daughter in the semi.  He enjoyed riding with his dad and going coast to coast and top to bottom.  He was supposed to be my dog but he took more to Katiebug, our daughter.  He would cry when she had to go back to school and try with all his might to get out of the van after her when would get out to go in to school.  He was 13 when we lost him on New Year's Eve and will be missed forever.  Never replaced in our hearts, loved forever always Chili Pepper (aka Cool Beans)!"


The Ramlow Family