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Digital Radiography

Radiographs are a valuable diagnostic tool and are an essential part of diagnosing illness or injury. Radiographs give our doctors a “picture” of your pet’s internal organs and skeletal structures. Any change in the size, shape or position of the organs or bones can be an indicator of disease or trauma.

Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine allows us to capture and process an image in just seconds. Digital films provide a huge advantage over older film X-ray systems because it allows our doctors to adjust images on the computer to maximize clarity. Another benefit of digital radiology is the ability to send the images to specialty clinics for consultation. Images can be emailed or saved on a CD and quickly mailed to referral hospitals.

Though most pets will tolerate radiographs being taken without objection, occasionally sedation must be used in order to achieve proper positioning. Our doctors will discuss sedation if it is needed for your pet. It is always a good idea to withhold food from your pet the morning they are to have radiographs taken so that material in the digestive system does not interfere with X-ray readings.